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简历  英文  仓储  

  Basic information

  Name: yjbys birth *** don't: male

  People family: the han nationality date of birth: on October 9,

  Telephone number: marriage status: married

  Body high: 170 cm body weight: 65 kg

  Education experience

  Graduate school: ChiMen nanping middle school learn calendar: junior high school

  Professional name: other graduation year: 2013

  Work experience: above one year highest title: other

  Job objective

  Position properties: the whole job

  Job category:

  Position title: the driver;

  Work areas: fujian - fuzhou JinAnOu;

  Salary: 3000-4000 yuan/month can be negotiated; Does not need to provide housing

  Starting time: may at any time to work

  Work experience

  Company: NiuTaiLang catering company

  Time range: in April 2012

  The company properties: private/private company

  Subordinate industry: transportation, logistics, express"

  Position: logistics/storage - tally clerk



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